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A Midnight Minuet
07 August 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Wow...so I met Vanilla Ice on Thursday when he yanked my ass on stage. What!? Hahahahaha!

vanilla ice

I spent all of Sunday down in Atlanta, GA for Mayhem where we saw a bajillion bands...freakin' AMAZING!
A Midnight Minuet
02 February 2010 @ 09:36 am
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A Midnight Minuet
05 November 2009 @ 11:14 pm
I just worked 14 hours straight...
A Midnight Minuet
05 August 2009 @ 09:52 pm
Well, I'm in Batesburg-Leesville helping out with Pawpaw. In case you didn't catch the update, he got a spot on his back and when they found out it was an infection, they had to stop the chemo and give him anti-biotics. Afterward, he started saying a lot of weird things in the hospital when they removed the spot. They did a head scan and they came to find out that he has brain atrophy...so he's basically losing his brain cells. He stated before that if he wouldn't have any quality of life then he wanted them to stop the chemo. So they took him into Hospice but then he decided that he wanted to come home...

So here we are, at home with a hospice bed. We have a nurse that comes 5 days a week and cleans him up, gets him out of bed and gets him dressed and then a nurse tech that comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for everything else.

I was just walking to the bathroom and Pawpaw was apparently "awake" and called me in and asked me if I wanted to make a long distance phone call to my phone so I'd have a call. ??? I asked him why I'd do that. He said, "You can you use my phone and make a long distance call and call your phone so you have a missed call from me. If you want...it doesn't matter to me."

Earlier, he said, "It's about time for me to start getting better." and continued to say that when he came with Melissa (my aunt) he told her he was coming home to die...and that if she wanted to say anything to him that she better say it now. And then he started to cry...I can't bare this...it's so hard. I love him so much. He had a really good day today...but I can't imagine being in my parents shoes. I hope to God it doesn't get like this with them...
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A Midnight Minuet
14 July 2009 @ 01:04 pm
It has definitely been a while since I’ve left livejournal with a real update. Life has been pretty entertaining and fulfilling to an extent and there’s never enough time. Like I always say, there really should be more hours in a day because it seems like there’s always so much to do! There are currently eight people living in my house at the moment (my own family included) and since we have band practices here every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday we always have a very full house. I feel like I belong in some reality TV show that you’d catch on M.T.V. or something.

I think because of the hectic schedules and with all the kids, all this madness has thrown me into overdrive since I’m pretty OCD about keeping up with my house. A friend of mine has been seeing me for acupuncture and it’s been going really well…except I still have anxiety bad enough to literally knock the wind out of me at moments. So I started a supplement of Chinese herbs called “Cleansing Spirit” yesterday that was given to me by my acupuncturist and so far I’ve been feeling pretty good…haven’t jumped into any anxiety or panic moods at all. We’ll see if this trend can continue for my own sake.

My grandfather has been in the hospital for the past couple of weeks. His liver cancer is still pretty bad but they noticed a spot on his back and upon inspection they came to discover that it was actually an infection that had been growing. They had to give him antibiotics and remove it so the wound had to be packed, but with him on the antibiotics he hasn’t been able to receive chemo for the treatment of the cancer…so that’s not good.

The in-laws came for a visit the week of the 4th and we went to the beach and had some fun. I have a set schedule so my only days off were Tuesday and Wednesday, but Travis and Shellah helped me to finally paint Zaid’s room! I’m not quite finished decorating but I do have two pictures for in the meantime.



The band is now a full band! We finally accepted a bassist but had to wait till he could fly back in from L.A. but we had a lot of good stuff going on Sunday! We really need to soundproof the room but first I have to clear out some stuff. I have been meaning to send a package to nativity for forever now, but I haven’t been able to score a box large enough, so I asked my mom to watch my kids tomorrow so I could go through some things and I will ship it out (at the latest) by Friday. I’m going to go through the tubs of clothes and donate, share, or sell huge piles or them and I need to re-list this baby furniture.

Zaid and Avalon are growing like weeds and they are both just as brilliant as ever. I’m still fighting over the school issue for Avalon next year. It’s so difficult for me to wrap my head around sending her to 4-year-old Kindergarten …I have to figure out a schedule for Nick and I since we both work. At least two out of five days I don’t go to work…but it’s also a matter of where to send her. We were going to send her to a Montessori based school but I’d rather have the money go elsewhere. Decisions, decisions. Zaid has been speaking very well and has been forming complete sentences. He’s so quiet and usually prefers to roar like a dinosaur than speak, haha! He had an absolutely perfect transition from crib to big boy bed; he goes right to his bed and stays there throughout the night and throughout each nap. I’m LOVING this.

Well, I suppose that’s all I have to update on for now. I have some yard work to attempt while the kids are napping. Kitty’s boys are playing PS3 right now (the new Ghostbusters game that Nick bought). We are going out tonight to go downtown for a friend’s Karaoke night so Kitty can completely blow out her vocal chords (literally) in order to completely heal them from being sick. There’s much to do. Too much to do.

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A Midnight Minuet
02 June 2009 @ 02:45 pm
I worked all day on Friday...12 hours. I was absolutely exhausted and went back in for eight hours and closed Saturday to come in first thing Sunday. Thank GOD today I finally have an off day! I go in for my acupuncture tonight and I'm thrilled! I really, really hope it helps me! My friend is the one whose going to be doing it, so I'm paying her pretty cheap but it's the price she called out. It's probably a rip off to her, but if it goes well I'll pay her more if I can afford it.

I have more soccer pictures! Avalon's last game is this coming Saturday! I really need to take new pictures of the yard, kitchen, and my bedroom...there just aren't enough hours in a day! Kitty is working hard and got a car! She is also basically in charge of all of the stores! I'm working GREAT hours at my store and my boss has decided to come straight to me with every spare hour and has had me watch and manage the store several times, so that feels GREAT!


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A Midnight Minuet
21 May 2009 @ 07:15 pm
We actaully had our first band practice yesterday night and it was amazing! We already have a song that is forming out so well...I'm just so pumped right now!

We just need a drummer!
A Midnight Minuet
22 April 2009 @ 10:07 am
I had yesterday and today off so yesterday I took the kids, myself and Kitty included to go visit with Pawpaw. He was actually having a bad day yesterday, very nauseous but he did get to see/watch and cuddle the kids and he loves every bit of that. On the way there I was telling Kitty all of our family haunting and ghost stories and told her of a story of an abandoned house in the woods behind my grandparents where a murderous bank robber was shot and killed after stuffing millions under the floor boards. Nobody knew about the house until one day smoke starting coming from the woods. We took Pawpaw’s golf cart and headed out there to take pictures! The battery for my Nikon died so I had to use the crappy point and shoot but I still got some good pictures. I really half assed it, but it was something to do!

I also visited Nina’s grave for the first time since she’s been buried. That hurt…but it was overdue. Today I’ll be doing laundry all day. I furiously cleaned the house last night so I wouldn’t have to worry about it today so I feel calmer than I usually would. Anyway, here are a couple of the pictures:


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A Midnight Minuet
25 March 2009 @ 06:22 pm
I know it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy. I haven’t even finished updating about my trip to Virginia but ever since I got back I’ve been working full time. Obviously, when I’m not working I’m with the kids. My in-laws also came to visit. I’m just so tired these days. I guess everything is catching up with me.

There’s not a whole lot to report.

Avalon starts soccer next week. And her games are going to be Saturday’s. So that’s fun and cute. Yesterday my sister put black and red highlights/low –lights in my hair.


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A Midnight Minuet
21 March 2009 @ 11:09 pm
The only thing I have to say these days is that Nick cut his hair off?